Questions & Answers

  1. Q – Who is eligible to participate?
    A – Current full time high school students in the states we are running tournaments in
  2. Q – What do I need to make a team?
    A – You need a minimum of 5 students (5 starting players) and a maximum of 10 ( 5 substitute players), along with 1 teacher to supervise. The teacher and students must be from the same high school to be eligible.
  3. Q – How do I sign up a team?
    A – Register here – SIGN UP!
  4. Q – Why should teachers get involved?
    A – By participating and engaging in your students passions you can connect on a deeper level with them. This could lead to students looking forward for school more and being more engaged in class. This will also be a great opportunity for students to learn sportsmanship and other objectives.
  5. Q – Why should students get involved?
    A – You’ll get to develop key skills like discipline, responsibility, teamwork, communication and resilience while also improving at League of Legends, and competing against other school teams!
  6. Q – When will games be played?
    A – Regular season matches will be played every Thursday night starting at 5pm local time.
  7. Q – When are the regular seasons?
    A – During school terms in each State or Territory. 28th May – 2nd Sept 2018
  8. Q – What are the prizes for this tournament?
    A – Prizes announcement here
  9. Q – Where can I find the rules for this League?
    A – You can find the rules here HSE2018 rules