How It Works

HSEL will run leagues for 5 states(Vic, Tas, NT, SA, WA) with the following structure.

Qualifiers: Within the state teams will be split into pools. Unlimited number of pools and maximum 8 teams per pool.

Premier/Challenger: Top team or teams from each pool in the qualifier stage will progress to the premier league for that state while the rest will be placed into seeded challenger pools.

Both premier and challenger leagues will be round robin.

The premier league will be playing for a spot to represent their state in Riot Games’ National High school League of Legends Championships, prizes, school pride and team development. The Challenger leagues will be playing for prizes, school pride and team development.

The Premier/Challenger league will also consist of a playoffs stage which will be in a “Gauntlet’ format. (see appendix in rules for description of Gauntlet format).

The number of teams from each qualifier pool that progress into the Premier League for each state will be dependent on the number of teams within each state. This will be communicated clearly to all teams after registrations close.

Schools from NSW, QLD, ACT and New Zealand can refer to for information regarding opportunities for competition in those regions.